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About Us

Educated at San Jose State University (B.S. Civil Engineering) and Stanford University (M.S. Structural Engineering & Construction Management) Jeff Threet, founded Stone Creek Engineering, Inc. in 2011 to implement Project Controls that prioritize consistency and collaboration. Jeff is a registered Civil Engineer (State of CA), a LEED Accredited Professional (Legacy), and a Certified Professional Estimator (ASPE).


After tackling several challenging projects early in his career, Jeff was frustrated by the persistent issues that emerged during the construction process: cost overruns, scheduling delays, personnel clashes and emotional angst, inconsistent analytics, and poor communication. He realized that these were all generated by a haphazard approach to project oversight and team cohesion. Thus, Jeff resolved to place robust Project Controls at the center of his business model.


Jeff is inspired by a proactive and team-oriented approach and integrates rigorous Project Controls with an inclusive framework. He brings integrity, stability, and compassion to all players involved in a project’s execution and believes that every team member possesses assets that contribute to its success. His leadership emphasizes discipline and accountability and elevates the human element of construction to center stage. This investment in people power drives his collaborative approach to all project phases.


A construction project is a collective undertaking. Its realization relies upon input, consensus, and energy from multiple parties. Each stakeholder performs different roles and possesses a specific set of concerns, but all parties are unified by a shared aspiration for project success. Jeff builds consensus amidst a diversity of voices and interests to resolve conflicts and prevent their emergence. He achieves this by inspiring trust amongst all team members and ensuring that everyone feels valued and heard. Orchestrating all the moving parts of a given venture can be challenging, but Jeff’s leadership guides owners, designers, and builders through this process from start to finish.

Since its founding in 2011, Jeff has continued to expand the services and expertise of the firm by approaching each project as a learning experience. Stone Creek Engineering, Inc. has become a full-service Project Controls provider for commercial projects across the country.


Stone Creek Engineering, Inc. is a California registered Small Business and Micro Business firm.                                   

(CA Certification No. 2000989)